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energy oils & gas translation
Energy Oils & Gas Translation
The oil and gas industry is a highly internationalized business sector with a global footprint. oil exploration, refinery, and transportation activities are inherently conducted on a global scale: the middle East, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and increasingly Africa. all of these cross-border business operations require quality language translation services to localize oil and gas documents from english into various other languages such as Arabic, simplified Chinese, or latin american Spanish, and vice versa.

This is why you need target language translation services, the language industry expert for technically precise and linguistically fluent oil and gas translations for all types of technical communication materials, multilingual business contracts, international training courses, and marketing & sales literature.

translation for oil refineries
are you in the business of refining crude oil to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, liquefied natural gas (LNG), or petrochemicals? chance are you need a variety of business and/ or technical documents translated with accuracy and speed. The modern refinery plant employs complex industrial processes and equipment that generate a large volume of documentation such as engineering manuals, operating instructions, safety handbooks, environmental protection guidelines that all need to translated for international customers or multinational staff members. target language translation has a large team of professional linguists and subject matter experts with specific oil refining knowledge to help translate your technical documents into over 100 languages. We have a large multilingual term base for refining related terminologies allowing target language translation to consistently deliver the highest level of linguistic quality.
Energy Oils translation
why choose us
accurate translations
target language translation services combines expert, in-country linguistic resources with our cutting edge technologies to assist in our oil and gas clients overcome linguistic barriers in over 100 languages. We’re able to consistently deliver the highest level of translation accuracy for a full spectrum of oil and gas businesses because we employ the best professional linguists and oil & gas subject matter experts and then support them with our next-gen translation technologies, complete with real time terminology management, translation memory leverage, and in-context linguistic review. Our modern cloud translation management system redefines and streamlines enterprise translation services for all categories of the oil & gas industry: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

qualification & certifications

Our services are guaranteed ISO9001-2005(International organization for standardization qualified services) and we are also proud to be a member of the ATA(American translators Association).We are qualified to carry out translations emerging from a diverse range of energy resources, we match the standards of the energy industry by listening to your specific needs.

We will certify and notarize your translation projects upon request. Our industry credentials and association memberships allow us to issue stamped letters of authenticity. However, certain situations also require involving a notary. it is important to check the level of authentication, if any, required in order that we can provide the appropriate service.

specialized linguists

at target language translation Services, we operate on a specific set of rules when it comes to picking your linguists. linguists must have five years of industry experience in the sector they are translating and at least two years of translation experience. Meanwhile, in order to meet your business objectives we work with specialist linguists who combine technical and financial knowledge, as well as professionals who have the official norms and standard knowledge of scientific matters. This principle allows for accurate and problem free translations.

as a reliable partner for many multinational oil and gas businesses, in the areas of exploration, production, health and safety, refining, environmental reporting, distribution, marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading, we are committed to deliver accurate translations covering all the range from offshore oil and gas exploration to onshore processing facilities, tenders and contracts, helping you to increase your potential revenue.

technical translation
in the 21st century all industries are looking for ways to make their operations safer, easier and cost effective. target language translation services believes that technology can make everyone’s lives easier. We employ the use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and offer a free portal service that allows you not only to upload and download your translations but actually pull user defined reports on spending and store your translations for up to three months.

client service

working for an industry is one thing, understanding an industry is completely different. target language translation services offers dedicated sales and project management teams that are industry trained and available in time. They understand the documents you require translating and spot when special procedures must be followed.

regardless of the language pair, when we accept a project we won’t miss the deadline. an experienced project manager will oversee every aspect of your oil and gas translation project. Because last minute, time sensitive projects often come with unforeseen edits and additions, we plan for them so that they can be included while still meeting the deadline.

confidentiality and security
Our staff and linguists have signed confidentiality agreements and are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements of your own if necessary. Our systems and technology are protected by 128 bit encryption.
Gas Translation

What We provide
We translate a variety of energy oils & gas materials with quality and speed into different target languages. target language translation services owns one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for oil wells, drilling, and oilfield services so our professional linguists can always translate your technical documents with accuracy and efficiency in the following energy language services:
• translation
• localization
• desktop publishing
• transcription + translation
• translation memory
• international SEO
• internationalization
• creative Transcreation
• voice over
• social media monitoring
• software
• construction
• shipping
• safety
• immigration and visa
• legal contracts
• security
• logistics
• discovery
• letters and correspondence
• interpreting
• heavy equipment
• Fracking
• liability

following the needs arising from the race to build a credible and sustainable energy footprint, we support companies in promoting the benefits of solar and wind power, bio-fuels, wave, tidal and hydro-power energy resources as well.

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